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Plantronics Reveals Voyager Edge Bluetooth Earpiece at Mobile World Congress

With a lot information on the web about earpiece’s it can be hard to discover the best and most direct information. here is a piece of writing from a good blog that i believe as accurate, do not quote me on it but please read and enjoy

Plantronics (NYSE: PLT), a pioneer in wearable technology, today announced Voyager Edge, a compact and stylish, high-performance Bluetooth earpiece. Featuring a slim, sophisticated design and signature Plantronics audio technology, Voyager Edge offers clear communication in any environment with proprietary noise- and wind-cancellation and an elegant charging case providing extended talk time on-the-go. Intuitive, responsive features such as voice commands and Smart Sensors let wearers answer calls hands-free with a word or as they place the headset on their ear, and Voyager Edge announces the name of incoming callers. Voyager Edge will be available worldwide starting in April.
“Always-on-the-go mobile users may answer a call in a cab, take it out on the street, and not say their goodbyes until they’ve finished their latte at the coffee shop – they need reliable audio that effortlessly handles transitions, much like they do,” said Jan Caldarella, senior category manager, Mobile Communications at Plantronics. “Voyager Edge is the perfect companion to any smartphone, offering premium features in a stylish, intelligent earpiece.”
Designed to make an impression, Voyager Edge elegantly blends eye-catching style with careful attention to comfort, with its lightweight form factor and soft-touch, natural materials. The earpiece-only design (no over-the-ear component) makes it easy to put on and remove and is particularly convenient for use with glasses or sunglasses. With its portable charging case, the Voyager Edge is an always-ready companion – always charged and ready to keep the wearer connected.
Features include:
Portable charging case: The protective rechargeable case tops up the earpiece battery, adding up to 10 more hours of talk time, features touch-sensitive controls, and shows the charge status of both headset and case.
Noise-cancellation: Multiple microphones and signature Plantronics audio technology eliminate disruptive background noise so your caller hears the speaker, not their surroundings.
Smart Sensor technology: Responsive sensors intuitively direct calls to the phone or headset, pause music for incoming calls, and automatically answer calls as the wearer places the headset on their ear.
Voice commands and audio alerts: Allows wearers to use their voice to answer or ignore calls, check battery level, connection status, and more. And Voyager Edge announces the incoming caller’s name – no need to look at the phone to check who is calling.
Language options: Personalize Voyager Edge with a language of choice by simply selecting a preferred language during the set-up process.
Always-Ready Battery life: Charging via MicroUSB, the Voyager Edge headset provides up to six hours of talk time, or up to 16 hours with the portable charging case.
Locate your headset using free app: Download the free Find MyHeadset app for Android phones and send a tone to hear the nearby headset or track last usage on a map using BackTrack feature. (Available for iOS™ in Spring.)
Pricing and Availability
Voyager Edge will be available in three colors, Carbon Black, Slate Grey and Glacial White, at authorized Plantronics retailers, etailers, and carriers worldwide starting this April. MSRP for Voyager Edge with Portable Charging Case is $129.99 USD.


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Why Behind-the-Head Headset With Microphone is Helpful

The basis of this post is to make you consider what in life is important and what does getting the new radio accessory really represent to people

As science has invented so many things for our ease, the day is not far when we would not even need to take food or water to keep ourselves alive. Perhaps we will eat or drink such things that would remove the need to eat on a daily basis. That is quite understandable in this busy world as we are always on the lookout for ease in every area of.

The inventions of science have brought to us many devices that make our life much easier, like the computer for computing. But today the computer is much more than a computing device. As a consequence, many computerized devices came into existence. The most popular among them is the mobile phone. Mobile phones were invented to keep us in touch with our personal and business life wherever we are.

No matter how far we are from our family and friends, we can talk and inquire about their well being with the help of mobile phones. The invention of the mobile phone led to the invention of many new accessories. The Behind-the-head headset with microphone is one of the inventions in the field of accessories of mobile phones. Let us go into some details about the behind-the-head headset with microphone.

Besides behind-the-head headset with microphone, there are many other headsets. Among them bluetooth headsets are popular. The bluetooth headsets allow wireless accessibility to the mobile functioning with the headset.

The behind-the-head headset with microphone offers noise canceling features and amplification microphone technology. It also provides very rich stereo sound. It is designed with the behind the head replaceable ear pads, foam and also includes volume control and mute switch. It is best for gaming, chatting, music and voice over IP.

Behind-the-head headset with microphone is used for various purposes. It is used in call centers and BPOs where calls are either received or made. Behind-the-head headset with microphone is used here to listen to customers’ queries and complaints by the agents. Even the executives use them to monitor and inspect the calls of the agents to give feedback.

They can also be used with the mobile phones to talk or listen to the multimedia in the mobile phones. They are used so that we can do other things while talking on the phone.

In call centers they are used for the convenience of the call center agents. They have to maintain the customers’ account while they are taking calls. If they use the receiver of the phone to talk, then they cannot work on the details that need to be provided to the customers. They are also preferred because they provide the ease of fitting behind the head and also the crystal clear sound quality.

You have now got some idea about why behind-the-head headset with microphone should be used and preferred.

Wireless Headsets, are they of great benefit?

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headset. earphonesHello and welcome to a modern group of solutions to your headphone questions. Ever desired to know about something headset, earphone or receiver linked? Now’s your chance. Due to the great amount of inquiries we are so often asked, we’ve reached into our mailbox and picked up the 9 most significant (and most frequently submitted) inquiries. Enjoy.
Oh, by the way, if your query is not below, then just dispatch us an message and check back in a few… you could find it featured within the later series. Thanks.

You’ll find we’ve talked a lot about ‘going wireless’ both over on the website itself and on this FAQ section, but what does that truly indicate?

We exist in an era at odds with itself. Over on the one hand, the recession demands that we be miserly penny pinchers of the highest order, yet conversely, there may be more top range technology on offer currently than at any other point in history. Our mission, then, as the leading customer technology website, is to guard your pockets by ensuring that merely the best products gain our seal of approval. If we tried to con you into spending your hard-earned on any old junk, there’s an opportunity you might purchase it, but you’d never come back, you’d notify others never to and steadily, like a chaos butterfly flapping its wings, the fractal ripples of unpredictability would spread out round the Web and steal from our blog of any/all possible customers. So we do not desire to do this. Ergo, we only recommend one of the best, both in terms of show and value.

The truth about wireless earphones is that they’re an revolutionary and high performance product pretty much right across the board. The overwhelming majority of them are made to a very good level indeed. The shopper reviews, over a variety of sites, are commonly good, even from the most difficult of nitpickers, so its secure to say that wireless headphones are the way forward.

Obviously, it is also true that wireless headphones will set you back a whole lot of money. And, if you’re going to buy a set, you’ll want mid range at least, to truly get probably the most out of your acquisition. This presents an issue and it’s clearly a problem that many of you’re having since we have received a great deal of post about it.

As always, the solution lies inside the question. Wireless earphones aren’t likely to switch traditional headphones just yet and also if they do, we’re not considering a tech that may make your old headphones obsolete. This is, in the meanwhile, a opposite form of tech favoured for its user friendliness and simplicity. Having no wires to trip over simply makes your life easier.

Now, in the event you’re planning on exercising or engaging in any form of strenuous activity you require to involve headsets in, you’ll absolutely find wireless headphones to be worth the price, but if you’re only planning to upgrading your gaming headset or your regular earphones and aren’t sure about the extra outlay, you can save it for now. Depend on us. Wireless earphones make your life less difficult, they work like a charm, in fact, but when you do not ought to buy one and can’t afford the fare, then our advice would be to keep the wallet safely within your pouch.

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