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Bluetooth Headset Market in Korea

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earpieceBluetooth headset is definitely a popular feature found on the devices such as cell phones laptops PDA even smart television.
It is said to be the next generation technology.However, the Bluetooth headset market has not really come about and grown in Korea for the past several years despite the many efforts by local stores. While there are a variety of top Bluetooth manufacturers released in Korea which are acknowledged throughout the world such as Plantronics, Jabra, Motorola and Sony, none of these manufacturers can probably be said to have succeeded in Korea.

Jabra, which was introduced by LG, has not helped with an increase of brand recognition. Apparently there just a tiny amount of end users including drivers and couriers who utilize Bluetooth headsets because of its convenience for operate. Even so, they prefer to possess mono headsets instead of head unit headsets.

A number of earlier adaptors choose to combine Bluetooth wireless key-boards on MID, PMP and cell phones with 2-channel stereo headsets as sound recording high quality is a lot more essential for them. Now, the Bluetooth market is developing because of the success of cell phones since you are a all-in-one gadget together with music and video capabilities.

With the convergence, consumers are beginning to get keen on stereo Bluetooth headsets with built-in microphones that allow those to answer phone calls concurrently. As technology enhances, also the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset. Head set as well as Bluetooth headset manufacturers including Sennheiser, Innovative, Logitec, Beast and Bose have also released their particular variations involving Bluetooth headsets in South Corea.But even with so many manufacturers the Bluetooth headset market in South Korea really doesn’t heated up yet.

The other day, two global Bluetooth headset manufacturers also released their particular brand names in South Korea using Korea’s Top three smartphone manufacturer, Pantech. Most of these manufacturers are actually Jaybird from the United states as well as Novero from Malaysia.
Jaybird has already been well-known in Us with huge product sales figures via its partnership with the BestBuy chain of stores. Additionally it is the state coaching headsets for the USA Tri. Novero has been bought out of the Htc group as well as focuses primarily on making Bluetooth headset products for vehicles.

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