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Boy. The newest headphone is magnificent. I mean it is just so gorgeous and so highly developed. I pity individuals who grew up without the headphone.

When you focus on a subject in the real world Neurocase Headset realize your interest and triggers the recording.

Although we have seen many gadgets and headsets projects designed to interact with the human brain, none was so well interconnected with an iPhone. Neurocase Headset is a project located in a fairly advanced stage of development that comes from Japan and, in addition to a series of advanced sensors also includes a camera.

Neurocase Headset features

As functionality, the network behind Neurocase Headset seems pretty simple. Basically, continuously monitors your brain waves, so that, when their feeling intensified the camera records a video of five seconds to what there is in front of your eyes. Assuming that only external stimulus may increase activity in the brain, the idea seems pretty interesting. Only to be careful for your loved ones not to see those records where the interest will almost exclusively be driven by various ladies.

Neurocase Headset 2 Neurocase Headset Record Your Memories On iPhone

Catch your daydreams

Although I would have liked a more discreet camera than the image above, in my view, the idea is sensational. Given that often we do not realize what arouses interest, at the end of the day would be an interesting experience to see the bits of interest from around the world. Obviously, if you see fit, video clips can be shared on social networks.

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