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Gaming Accessories for PC: Learn the Best Brands of Mice, Keyboards, and Headsets!

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Choosing the right gaming accessories for PC can be a tough choice, and a lot of factors can come into play when making the right decision on equipment. In most cases this is personal preference, and if you previously had a positive experience with a brand you will most likely choose their products again. However if you’re new to PC gaming then you probably don’t know which brand to choose.

We will discuss the different brands, pros and cons, differences, and much more of each category in the hope that you can further your knowledge about gaming accessories and find the perfect brand for yourself! The different accessories that will be mainly discussed in this hub will be Gaming Mice, Keyboards, and Headsets.

See all 5 photos MiceMice are usually the most critical decision in most gamers accessories, this is because the mice controls all of the precise movement within the game. If you have a good and precise mouse then you are most likely going to perform better than someone with a cheap mouse. Don’t get me wrong though skill still plays a big part in that.

Mice come in many different ways and forms. Some mice are specially designed for certain game genres and others are more general, some are wireless or wired, and some are controlled by a wheel where others are controlled by a laser. Most of these factors come down to personal preferences, and some of the features of certain mice are unnecessary depending on what type of game that you are playing.

There are upsides and downsides of each of these features. For example if you are buying a mouse designed for an MMO game and you are playing shooters with it the main “MMO features” of the mouse are not going to be of much use. This goes right along with buying a mouse that is wireless, you do not have the nuisance of having wires, but at the same time you can have it die on you while playing, and you could experience very slight latency effects (unless you are a professional gamer you will most likely not notice this). We will however continue on with these specific features in another hub.

Two main companies that produce gaming mice are Razer and Logitech. Both of these companies make some of the best mice on the market today.
SPEED STACKS Lot GLOW IN THE DARK GREEN Cups, RED Cups, TIMER, MAT Current Bid: $11.49 The Razer Naga See all 5 photos This is the Razer Naga that has 17 extra buttons that are programmable. RazerThe first of the two brands that we’re going to discuss today is going to be Razer. As previously mentioned they are top of the line when it comes to gaming mice and other accessories. They make some of the most unique mice in the industry. They produce genre specific mice, that have specific specialties.
One special mouse that they make is the called the “Razer Naga” that is a special MMO mouse. What makes this mouse special is that it has 17 extra programmable buttons on it. This is helpful mainly because there are a lot of buttons to hit in most MMO games. This mouse however is still very precise so it is still a good mouse for games that require precision.
The Logitech G500 See all 5 photos This is the Logitech G500 gaming mouse. New Logitech MX518 Gaming Mouse 1800 dpi MX 518 USB Optical Mouse Current Bid: $33.99 LogitechThe second of the two, Logitech, is also well known when it comes to gaming mice. Logitech is not as unique when it comes to making their mice, but straight up just have good quality mice. Since they make more general mice they are usually preferred in games that require precision, but don’t think that means that Razer is not used!
One of the fairly popular Logitech models is the G500. This mouse includes 10 buttons (not all directly by the thumb like the Razer Naga) and has very precise movement. Logitech also makes fairly popular non-gaming mice and other products.

Razer and Logitech
The Official Logitech Website
This is the website for Logitech, and has all of their products available and much more!

The Official Razer Website.
Razer’s main website that sells all of their products.
KeyboardsThe second topic of interest for today is keyboards. This is going to be a much more broad and less specific category due to keyboards not being viewed as important as a mouse. What I mean by this is that if you have a cheap or a non-gaming keyboard it does not have as much as an impact as a mouse. Similar to gaming mice, gaming keyboards also have features that are not included in normal keyboards. Some of these features include the ability to light up your keyboard with back-lights, higher quality keys, and higher quality rests for your hands that allow for hours of pain free gaming.

Again similar to mice, these keyboards also have different preference options. These could include features like wired or wireless, which is not as common as mice. Other preference features include whether you have a mechanical keyboard or a standard, which has to do with the keys and how they press, their sensitivity, etc. Mechanical keyboards are usually more expensive than non-mechanical. Back-light color is also a preference instance, but is purely cosmetic.
Just like gaming mice, gaming keyboards have similar brands, in which Razer and Logitech gaming keyboards will be discussed.
Razer Lycosa See all 5 photos Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard, which includes a nice sleek design and blue back-lights. RazerSimilar to Razer gaming mice, their gaming keyboards are of high quality. They are not as unique, but still raise the bar. The majority of their keyboards focus on sleek designs with maximum comfort intended. Sleek designs are often the best route to go for gaming keyboards as they also look visually appealing.
A popular Razer keyboard is the “Razer Lycosa”. This is another one of the Razer keyboards that follows the sleek and slim design and also has backlights!
LogitechLogitech also follows the sleek designs for their gaming keyboards. Like Logitech’s gaming mice, their keyboards are also fairly standard in the respect that they do not seem to have any unique features on their keyboards. However they still are of high quality and performance.
One of the more popular Logitech gaming keyboards is the Logitech G110 which has a sleek design and blue back-lights. One this different about this keyboard is that it has extra buttons to the left.
Razer and Logitech KeyboardsRazer Lycosa Programmable Backlit Gaming KeyboardAmazon Price: $189.98
List Price: $79.99Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110Amazon Price: $167.59
List Price: $79.99Headsets The next and final accessory for discussion is headsets. Headsets are pretty straight forward in the respect that they do not have any different or surprising features. The market for headsets are very large, and they have uses outside gaming. Some of which include of course listening to music, chatting with friends, etc.
One of the few special features include cross platform use. This would mean that you could not only use it on your computer, but also on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gaming consoles. I think this is an amazing option to have when you are gaming and I think it should become a more standard feature among headsets.
The two brands of headsets that we will look at Turtle Beach and Creative Software Headsets.

Turtle Beach HeadsetsEar Force X11 Amplified Stereo Headset with ChatThis is a great headset that works very nicely and has a reasonable price.Amazon Price: $59.99
Ear Force X41 (XBOX LIVE Chat + Wireless Digital RF Game Audio with Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound)Amazon Price: $129.99
List Price: $199.99Turtle BeachTurtle beach is a fairly common brand that makes some pretty good headsets. The cool thing about most of their headsets is that they are specially designed for all platforms. They also offer many different options in their headsets, such as offering wired or wireless versions of their headsets, offering higher or lower audio quality, etc. This brand of headset is more common among console gaming, but still has PC presence. The main reason I chose to add them in this hub is that they have great diversity, which I think is great.
A popular turtle beach model is the “Turtle Beach X11” which is a cheaper model. It offers the brand-standard platform diversity, and is also wired.
The World of Warcraft Soundblaster Headset See all 5 photos Includes great padding and LEDs. Creative SoftwareThe second brand of headset is Creative Software’s Sound Blaster headsets. I think that Creative also makes some high quality products. However I find that Creative for the most part standards at higher end products, and most of their headsets are PC only. Something unique about their headsets is that some have an LED option, which makes for a cool feel. Creative headsets also usually offer some very high quality padding that is very comfortable.
One of the popular headsets under the Creative brand is the Sound Blaster World of Warcraft Headset. This is not the most popular or best creative headset, but I think it is neat because of the LEDs, and it also offers some great padding and noise reduction. The padding on this headset allows for hours of un-irritated gaming.

Astro Gaming A40 Wireless Gaming Headset Current Bid: $137.50 Turtle Beach and Creative
Turtle Beach Official Site
Turtle Beach main site, offers all of their products including headsets.

Creative Software’s Sound Blaster Official Store
This has all of the Sound Blaster Headsets available from Creative.
OverviewThere are many factors that come down into picking the right gaming accessories, and whether you are new to PC gaming or a veteran you will most likely have to go through them multiple times. Whether you are choosing the most precise mouse that will get the most bang for your buck or the budget headset, there are usually products for everyone! In conclusion, gaming accessories are a very important part of PC gaming and should be taken as such.

Where to Buy Bluetooth Headset

With a huge amount of information around the web about radio earpiece’s it’s hard to discover the top and largely candid information. here’s a piece of writing from a good blog that i believe as accurate, don’t quote me on it but please read and enjoy

headset. earphonesBluetooth is an excellent communication tool that allows you to use your Bluetooth-enabled devices without using any wires.
If you want to buy a Bluetooth headset, you can buy it from a number of places. However, you are strongly advised to first carry out sufficient research about the type and model of Bluetooth headset that you are willing to buy.

Buy a Bluetooth Wireless Headset Online
Internet has become a commonplace when it comes to but any type of stuff such as from advanced technology tools to homemade stuff, you can buy almost everything on the Internet. Likewise, there is a plethora of online web stores that allow you to buy your choice of Bluetooth wireless headset at reasonable price.

Before you use these sources to buy a headset, you should find out the reliability of your selected online web stores. You should check their privacy policy, business and return policies to confirm that you are going to buy your headset from a reliable place. Another important thing that you should check before buying a headset from any online web store is the shipment specifications of your selected web store.

There are many good online stores that are offering a good variety of headsets for Bluetooth-enabled devices at affordable rates. All you have to do to make online purchase is to select a reliable web store that is offering a secured online shopping option and then select the Bluetooth headset that you want to buy.
You can pay either online via your credit card or some web stores allow you to pay on delivery. In addition, you can check the complete details of your selected Bluetooth headset on the web store that you are using to buy that particular headset.

Buy a Bluetooth Headset from a Local Store
Another easy way to buy a Bluetooth headset is to visit the local shops that are offering a good variety of Bluetooth wireless headsets. You can visit many shops that are located in your area in order to find the best deal. Moreover, you can test your chosen headset on the spot before making a final purchase that will help you make the best purchase.

Purchase a Headset Directly from the Manufacturer
Another easy to purchase a Bluetooth headset is to contact the manufacturer directly. There are many big electronic brands that are selling their Bluetooth wireless headsets directly to their customers through their official franchise. You can contact your favorite manufacturer and you can get the complete details of your selected headset before buying it.

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“Pee As You Go?” – Pee Can Recharge Cellphones, Seemingly

You might be safe in the wisdom that I bring the best technological advancement content pieces, a number of them are my very own a few of them are curated by me, when i choose to use somebody elses content it’s because it is important to my readership, so feel confident you are reading the best from my industry.

Scientists working at the University West of England (UWE) in Bristol, UK, have found out one way to power a mobile phone with Human urine.

The company has been able to recharge a Samsung phone by placing the fluid through a surge of microbial fuel cells. With this process, enough power has been generated to send text messages, browse the Internet and also make a quick phone call.

As outlined by the scientists responsible, the next stage is to fully charge the phone with pee…I assume washing their hands immediately afterwards.

Dr. Ioannis Ieropoulos has worked for ages with microbial fuel cells; he’s considered a guru in harnessing energy from extraordinary options. The possibe purposes of his work are very interesting from an environmental perspective.

Dr. Ieropoulos said, “We are very excited as this is the world’s first, no-one has harnessed energy from pee to try this so it truly is an exciting finding. Using the final waste product as a source of power to produce electricity is roughly as eco as it takes.” Eco-friendly technology is, obviously, the good doctor’s main area of curiosity.

The microbial cells work as the energy converter, they take the natural matter straight into electrical energy, via the metabolism of live microorganisms. The electricity is a by-product of a microorganism’s natural life phase, meaning that as they ‘eat’ the urine, they produce power the energy that powers the phone. Now that’s what we call ‘pee as you go’.

Bathroom humour aside, the team have engineered a world first, as nothing as large as a mobile battery has ever been charged using this process before.

There are, at present, no plans to market this tech on a huge scale, but maybe someday we can be signing a ‘P’ mobile contract, the trick, as they are saying, might be pissistance.

PS – I’m sorry about this one. The task and its implications are instead astonishing. All credit to the UWE team. However, I constantly wanted to do one of those ‘And Finally’ type stories and now I conclusively get to. Please forgive me, one and all.

Wholesale Earphones Manufacturers Are In Abundance

He is a direct response copywriter, inventive academic, and creator of The Radio Accessory Report.

There was a time not so long ago whereas wireless were not so familiar and public had to use other causes of communication as these offers were expensive.

Though with the passage of time and high-tech advances, the prices of wireless and wireless products decreased to earth and today it is hard to search a person who doesn’t use cell phone. All the new wireless without change presented with headphones that aid in gossiping and attending calls.

They also present pure pleasure when you wish to hear to music. Numerious firms are these days making wholesale earphones to gratify to the growing needs of the customers.

You don’t want to walk to the corporation from whom you bought your handheld phone if there is small number of problem with your Earphone as these days there is a wholesale earphones stores in Every large city that sells headsets of all sizes and shapes diversify in ratess.
You can walk to these wholesale earphones selling area and search the headset for your handheld phone which suitable matches its patteren. There are times when you desperately desire to utilize headphones like while you are driving or cooking and your hands are not free.

This is whilst these headsets presented in practical.
The innovative technology in these Earphones is named the Bluetooth. It allow the utilizer to accept and manufacture calls lacking having to feel the wireless. It is wireless and has top coverage so you don’t extremely want to place the cell phone in your pocket. Almost all the corporations who are making Earphones are these days creating wholesale earphones with this technology.
You can buy wholesale earphones on internet also. There are many dealers who puchase headsets directly from the makers and then sell these headsets at dirt cheap prices on the net. Acquiring wholesalers headphones from the website can be a pretty enjoyment filled moments.