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Monthly Archives: June 1973

Icom Earpieces – Show Them Some I.D or You’ll Have to Leave

What is your favorite feature of my earpiece? Personally, I much like the design job – Its cooler than an Inuit’s underpants!

Flash back with me to a time in my life when I still hadn’t gotten my act together…

At age 20, I was shaggy haired, absent minded and into rock n roll in a big way (waitaminute – I’m still shaggy haired, absent minded and into rock n roll in a big way…). I was dating a pole dancer, singing in a grotty band and telling anyone who would listen that I wanted to get out of this crappy little town and really make something of my life. I guess, in some respects I was a bit like George Bailey of Bedford Falls, (if George Bailey was kind of a dick and made a point of saying the ‘F’ word in every second sentence…)

To make ends meet, while I waited in frustration for George Carlin to turn up in his time travelling phone box and help me usher in an era of world peace, I worked at a couple of jobs. Specifically, one evening a week, I was employed as a Youth Worker.

To my surprise, I found the job to be really fun, as well as very rewarding. Since I was an expert in all things media (with a Uni Certificate to prove it), I began a project that would teach the kids all about film making, music and the media in general.

One of my best students was a somewhat troubled boy with a hard stare and a ‘brick sh!thouse’ build. When I wasn’t pulling him off various youths who may or may not have mouthed off his sister, we got along pretty well. After I left the job a couple of years later, we actually became firm friends. He has also become particularly close to my brother (who was also a Youth Worker for a while) and my parents.

Without a trace of sarcasm, watching this tough, conflicted boy grow up to become a decent, hard working man has been both an honour and a privilege. However, he floundered for a long time as he searched for work. It just seemed that there wasn’t anything he was able to apply himself to.

Then, all of a sudden, he found his vocation. My friend is now a fully certified bouncer, working the door at a number of pubs, clubs, venues and bars.

In order to communicate easily without causing too much of a fuss, bouncers like my friend frequently use Icom Earpieces. These earpieces come in several forms, with 3 pin, multi pin, straight pin and high angled forms all catered for. You can also find an Icom earpiece for almost any type of radio imaginable.

There’s no fuss, as the earpieces can be operated simply and discreetly and, being reinforced with Kevlar, they are every bit as hard wearing as the two-way radios they work with.

Icom have been trading in quality radio equipment since 1954, so they know what they are doing and how to make customers happy whilst doing it. Icom Earpieces are solid, reliable and high spec, so it’s no wonder that so many in the security industry choose to wear them.

As for my friend, it looks like he has got himself on track; he’s found a job that he is good for as well as one that is good for him. I may have made my share of mistakes back then, but I was certainly right about one or two things.