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Cool Accessories For Your Plantronics Headset

What’s your favourite feature of the radio earpiece? Personally, I much like the design job – Its cooler than an Inuit’s underpants!

headset. earphonesIf you’re a user of any Plantronics headset, you probably are aware that you’ve a good performing little gadget that is going to last you an extremely long time. Each and every Plantronics headset, whether it is for work (much like the ones you connect to phone systems) or just for music listening enjoyment, is not bound to break very easily like other manufacturers of its class in the market. However, you will find things that you might wish to add or alter at some point, possibly for sanitary reasons or to improve function and style, and you’ll be happy to discover that Plantronics is one step ahead of you and ready to cater to your needs. The brand has a good range of replacement parts and accessories for you to choose from; listed below are the top 5 stuff that people often buy and repurchase that you might want for your headset ( too.

1. Ear cushions – Even if people clean their ears every day, dirt and oil can still develop and trigger itching and some other kinds of irritation. For sanitary reasons, it’s highly recommended that the earbuds’ pads get replaced every couple of months. There are, on the other hand, folks who want to change the ear cushions time and again to improve design, and Plantronics offers a huge collection of ear cushions of various materials and designs.

2. Background noise suppressor – This is particularly popular for wireless headsets as this accessory could make communication a whole lot clearer. This product removes all background noises (wind, breathing, people nearby talking loudly, and so on) and helps people to hear one another better.

3. Voice tube – Plantronics advises changing voice tubes every 6 months to maintain the very best audio quality. Replacing this feature is also a great sanitary practice mainly when the headphone is shared by different people. It comes in different colours that could undoubtedly enhance the overall design of headsets.

4. Ear loops – These types of accessories are for wireless headsets and they are available in various sizes; they guarantee comfort regardless of how long the headset is used as they are perfectly cushioned and fit the ear shape correctly. There are a few that may be shaped according to the size and shape of the ear, and some are more flexible enough to adjust to the ear.

5. Carry case – For wireless headsets; make sure that when not being used, the headsets are safely put away yet accessible. A few of these carry cases may be looped through a belt or suspenders, and some include a tight clip which can be hooked and snapped onto waistbands or shirt pockets.

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